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Fun fact: I've never been to "proper" school! For elementary and middle school I was home schooled, the first two years of highschool I did Florida Virtual Online, and for the last two years I did Valencia College classes online. These are some of the tips I've come up with after doing online school for four years!

Being Organized - The most important supply you will need is a planner! Since you aren't going to a class every day you don't have the teacher constantly reminding you when your homework is due or about future tests. If your school provides you with a syllabus or schedule of when everything is due print it off! That way say every Sunday you can see what is due that following week and write when you are going to do everything in your planner.

Procrastination - Online school is the perfect opportunity for you to procrastinate and end up writing that 1000 word essay an hour being it's due. Don't worry, we've all done it! Since you are basically teaching yourself it's very easy to put off your assignments until right before they are due. My best tip to actually getting work done early is plan to do the assignment at least two days early, that way if you're like "ugh I'll do it tomorrow!" you'll still have it done a day early. Also reward yourself whenever you don't procrastinate, I'd normally get a Starbucks, that way you'll want to do your work early so you can get a reward. We're basically a bunch of puppies being trained to not procrastinate.

Lazy Days - You are going to have days where you don't want to do anything but lay in bed and watch Netflix. Which is why you should always work ahead, only if you can of course. When I was doing Florida Virtual School Online we were required to submit at least three assignments a week per class so I would often do all my classes on the Monday that way I could have the rest of the week off, one Christmas I did all my work super early so I could get the whole month of December off! When I started taking college classes online that was a lot harder because you often have tests and assignments only submit-able on one day, but that can depend on what college you are at.

Google - Google is your best friend, not be afraid to use it. If you are having trouble understanding a concept or problem just google it, if you still don't understand it obviously then speak to your teacher. Different people will understand different types of writing. For instance you might not understand the quadratic formula when it's explained in your textbook but you might understand it after reading an article about it. Don't use google to find answers to your work, that is obviously cheating, but definitely use it as an educational tool.

Blocking -  It is very hard to stay focused on school work when Tumblr, Youtube, and Twitter are calling your name, which is why site blocked apps will be your best friend! There are many sites that will temporary block you from going on certain sites, if you are obsessed with twitter you can temporary block it for a certain amount of time so you can do your work. Self control is a great website for Mac users and Focal Filter is great for us PC users.

I hope you guys found these tips helpful! Is there any other tips you have?

- Naomi 
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