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Hi guys, welcome to my new blog!

If you didn't already know I have a youtube channel and a very common video for "beauty gurus" to do is a monthly favorites. I personally hate watching and filming those types of videos which is why I've decided to do a What I'm Loving Wednesday blog post every month or so. I hope you enjoy!  

I've been obsessed with this nail polish combo for the past two months! Disco Ball is the prettiest glitter nail polish I've ever seen. It's a clear color with blue, purple, and white glitters that matches Club Prive so perfectly. I totally feel like Elsa while wearing this!

Fall technically doesn't start until the 22nd September but it is definitely cold enough in England to start wearing my favorite fall fragrance. It is a lovely warm amber and crème smell that just makes me want to drink hot chocolate and pick pumpkins. 

I've linked two different mascaras because they are actually the exact same product, depending on where you live depends on which mascara you'd purchase. This has been my favorite mascara for the whole of 2014! It is amazing at separating the lashes and giving a ton of volume. I prefer the waterproof version because it keeps my eyelashes looking perfect all day.

I'm actually really surprised at how much I love this eyeshadow. I'm definitely more of a black smokey eye girl than a brown but I'm trying to branch out with my eye looks. I apply a NYX shimmery beige color all over the lid and then Nutty in the outer half and crease of my lid. That creates the most beautiful everyday smokey eye! 

As I already said, England is starting to get very cold which can often result in dry skin. Thankfully my skin is normally very moisturized but if I ever do start to get a bit dry this fixes that problem straight away! The fact that it smells literally amazing is just a great bonus.

My last favorite is an app called FaceQ! It's actually really fun to make yourself and other people into an avatar. My little sister, Lara, made this one for me and I think we look very alike!

What are some of your current favorites?

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  1. Wow, super cute!
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