Bucket List

Every year, on my birthday, I will add at least one more item to my bucket list. These are some of the things 18 year old Naomi would like to do or achieve, I'm excited to see how this changes as time goes on.

1. Grow my relationship with God and strive to read his word every day.  

2. Become the healthiest and fittest I've ever been.

3. Run a successful YouTube channel and blog.

4. Get a job of some sort.

5. Meet a subscriber. How cool would that be!

6. Start being a granny by going to bed and waking up earlier.

7. Cook a full Sunday lunch or Christmas meal for my family.

8. Develop my own style and not be afraid to be a little daring.

9. Play in the snow.

10. Pick pumpkins and apples in a cold state. 

11. Visit New York in December and see a Christmas Broadway show. 

12. Create a sky full of floating lanterns on my wedding day.

13. Go to Disney with my best friends at Christmas.

14. Visit Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, the world's largest Christmas store in Michigan.

15. Shop in the Mall of America.

16. Adopt a puppy and maybe a hedgehog.

17. Keep a journal and write in it every day for at least a year.

18. Have a bonfire on the beach.

19. Move out and get my own little, cute apartment/house. 

20. Take my family on an amazing vacation. 

21. And finally, live happily ever after. 

The End

- Naomi 
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