Autumn Themed Snacks

Making season themed food is definitely way more fun than I thought it would be!

Now that it is officially Autumn I thought it would be really fun to do a Autumn themed baking video! This was my first food video though so I'm not sure if I like it enough to post the whole video but I thought I would share some pictures with you guys. They all tasted really good so I didn't want to not post them somewhere. I hope you guys enjoy and maybe even get some food inspiration!

Pumpkin Oranges

This is definitely the easiest snack I made, all you need are some oranges and a celery stick! Peel how ever many oranges you want, cut up a celery stick into small pieces, put a celery piece in the top of the oranges, and you've got a super cute pumpkin!

 Doughnut Acorns?

 I have to admit, this snack idea was a total fail but hopefully I rectified it. I was planning on making these super cute doughnut acorns until I found out that England doesn't sell doughnut holes (what?!). For some ridiculous reason I decided to buy some yum yums, which are square shaped doughnuts, and try to make my own doughnut holes. This was a complete fail (shocking...) so I decided to just melt chocolate all over the doughnuts, sprinkle some chocolate sprinkles, and place a pretzel stick on the top. Me and my family love chocolate covered pretzel so I decided to make them also. I realize they don't look anything like acorns but they were super yummy so I didn't mind...too much.

Rice Krispie Pumpkins

I used this blog post to make these super cute pumpkins, so all credit to Jen! The only thing I did differently was use matchsticks (an English mint chocolate stick) instead of tootsie rolls because I couldn't find them here in the UK. I also used mini white and pink marshmallows on accident, which is why mine aren't as orange as actual pumpkins. They were super yummy and quite easy to make though so I loved them!

What is your favorite Autumnal treat? I've become obsessed with toffee apples!

Make sure to check out my Autumn Makeup Tutorial if you haven't already!

 - Naomi 
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