How To Achieve Perfect Armpits

One of the worst things ever is wanting to wear cute tank tops but being embarrassed of your dark armpits. This was a combination of pale skin, dark hair, and improper shaving that resulted in my armpits being darker than the rest of my skin. After following this routine my armpits now look 10x better so I wanted to share to help anyone else who is suffering from this!

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Exfoliate -
I've noticed the biggest difference since using a scrub before shaving. Using a scrub before shaving helps with getting a really close shave and getting rid of left over sweat, deodorant, etc. It's great to also use a loofah whenever you shower so you can gently exfoliate even when you aren't shaving. My favorite is the Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life!

Moisturize -
Always moisturize after you shave! I  never realized you had to do this so I was shaving my armpits for about 3 years without moisturizing afterwards. My poor armpits were so dry and red, yet I never realized why that was happening until I started moisturizing. Using a scrub and then moisturizing has honestly made the biggest difference!

Deodorant -
If you are already using a scrub and moisturizer but not seeing the results you'd like it could be the type of deodorant you are using! From personal experience I've found that my armpits seem to be darker whenever I use a spray deodorant versus a roller deodorant. My favorite is the Sure Dry Skin Sports Deodorant!

Shaving Less -
Shaving less often will cause the hair to grow slower which will result in longer time without stubble. Your hair will also grow back thinner so it won't look so dark under the skin. You could also consider waxing, plucking, or lazer hair removal instead of shaving, as they often remove the root as well.

I hope you guys found these tips helpful, if you have any more tips then comment them down below!

- Naomi 
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