Lipcote Lipstick Sealer Review

While shopping in Primark recently I noticed Lipcote and was really intrigued about whether it would work or not, so I thought I'd pick it up and test it out. I've used something like this, possibly even this exact product, when I was about six for my ballet recitals and always remembered how amazing it was so I had really high hopes for this! 

If you are not familiar with Lipcote it is a lipstick sealer that you apply over any lip product and should prolong the pigmentation of your lip product. You apply your lip color, blot, repeat that process, and then brush the Lipcote over your lips. I used a Maybelline Color Sensational in Plum Perfect because I wanted a really dark lip so you could tell the difference between each time period. This lipstick isn't matte or glossy, it's a great medium ground for me to test with. The thing I noticed straight away after applying is how drying yet sticky the Lipcote feels. It was really distracting and felt even dryer after talking for a little bit.    

Taken at 1:30.
This was the first picture I took at 1:30, after I'd applied the Lipcote and let it set. I think it looks really nice here, it looks slightly dry but not that bad. 
Taken at 2:30.
This picture was taken an hour later at 2:30 and still looks really good! Still felt very drying but didn't look it at all. I hadn't eaten anything, I'd only drank a little bit out of a straw. 
Taken at 3:15.
 About 45 minutes after the last picture everything definitely went down hill. I still hadn't eaten anything but the Lipcote had started to flake off. I'd been filming a video so I was talking a lot, that could have been why it started to flake or it just got too dry. Either way it now looked disgusting! 

Taken at 3:35.
After I ate some rice everything came off so eating while wearing Lipcote is definitely not recommend! I couldn't wait to wipe this off after this picture, it felt so drying. Because of the flaking and dryness it would have looked really bad if I'd applied more lipstick on top. So it's annoying how you couldn't wear this out and then just reapply when it starts to fade. You'd have to take the lip color off and then reapply, this defeats the purpose of a lipstick sealer.
I think this would be great if you are performing and need your lipstick to stay on for a while. But for day to day use I would just keep reapplying your lipstick, so you don't have to deal with the patchy and flakiness!

Have any of you guys tried it out? What did you think?

- Naomi 
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