Summer Plaid OOTD

*breaks out all the plaid because Autumn is coming*

Tank Top: Primark
Button Up: New Look
Jeans: New Look
Boots: New Look
Socks: Primark
Booties: New Look

Hi guys! England is definitely starting to get a bit chiller, so even though I'm wearing a tank top it's a good idea to have another shirt or jacket to layer with. I've never really worn the "button up around the waist" trend so even though I'm late to the party I love this outfit. I started out this outfit wearing some tan boots but then added some booties to make the outfit fancier. I love outfits where you can dress up or down depending on the shoes and accessories. Is it starting to cool down where you live? 

- Naomi 

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  1. I love your black booties! It's cooling down a little where I live, but definitely not enough to be wearing long pants of sweaters yet... is it sad that I can't wait for Autumn? hahaha :)

    Akino | akinokiki.blogspot.ca


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