Favorite Little Moments Of Being 18

 As some of you guys will know it was my 19th birthday last Wednesday {September 9th} and to celebrate I wanted to do some type of birthday post. I was looking through all my pictures and noticed that I hardly ever take pictures when we are doing super cool things like going to London or throwing a Christmas party. Yet I have tons of pictures from random days where I want to remember little details, so this post is going to be a recap of some of those random days/moments.
Those six pictures were from my birthday when we went to Pizza Express and London!
England has a lot of lovely places to go on walks/hikes so we definitely took advantage of that this past year!
Lara and I carved our first pumpkins ever! We also filmed it so if you want you can watch it here!
 My dad was working on Bonfire night so we weren't able to go to the park to see the fireworks. So because of that my whole family had our own firework show and it was so fun! One of the fireworks fell over after my dad light it and came straight at us! It was the scariest/funniest thing ever! 
There is nothing nicer than walking around a cute town covered in Christmas lights, while wearing a tartan scarf. This year we visited Ironbridge and this little town near by. I also recommend going to a tree lighting ceremony because they are so festive!
You also can't go a Christmas season without wearing a festive jumper and building a gingerbread house. Our family had a giant Christmas party full of food and charades!
 We also got to see snow for the first time in eight years and it was the best thing ever.
As you can see, England doesn't always have the best weather.. We'll often be having a nice walk and then all of a sudden it will start to rain.
Us looking so cute before we went tobogganing. We did this on Lara's 13th birthday and it was so fun!
   Just because we aren't in America doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate 4th of July! We had a barbecue and watched some Disney fireworks on youtube. Someone near us must of been American because we heard actual fireworks!

I'm really excited to be able to look back on this throughout the years and remember all the little memories! Let me know a random memory you have from this past year.

- Naomi 
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