Blakesley Hall & Handmade Burger Co

Days out here in England have a definite theme - visiting old buildings and going out to eat. To be fair there isn’t much else to do when it still feels like mid winter in March. What does your family normally do for a day out?

This day we went to visit Blakesley Hall and tried the Handmade Burger Co for the first time! I actually vlogged this day so if you’d like to see that then click here!
Blakesley Hall is a tudor house in Birmingham that was built in the 1590s. It was so weird to look through the house and read some of the former owner’s letters, it is crazy to think about how different life was back then. I’m definitely glad I live in this century though! Whenever we go anywhere Lara is constantly taking pictures and I thought she actually took some nice ones for once. 😉

Since I went vegan I’d been meaning to try out the Handmade Burger Co sweet potato and bean burger and let me tell you, it is amazing! I’m the only vegan in my family so everyone else got beef and chicken burgers, which they said were also really good. I haven’t tried any other vegan burgers from them but I look forward to trying them sometime in the future. Where is your favorite place to eat out as a vegan? 

- Naomi 

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