Christmas In March?

"Blast this Christmas music! It’s joyful and triumphant!"
Are we surprised I’m writing a Christmas blog post in March? Absolutely not! If you guys have seen basically any of my vlogs I’ve probably mentioned Christmas at least once per vlog. I’m definitely part of the “Christmas all year round” team. There is something really magical about listening to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies all year round. I totally understand that not everyone likes to partake in Christmas activities throughout the year, it does make it a little less special since I’m not just doing it in December. Now before you think I’m a weirdo who only listens to Jingle Bells 24/7, I just randomly get into a Christmasy mood for a day or two every month or so. Totally normal right?! Obviously I'm currently in that mood and since I didn't end up writing any posts last year I thought I'd write one today, as a little mid-spring present! ;D Also vlogmas last year was ridiculous because literally everyone was uploading daily vlogs, it was hard to watch all the ones you wanted too. So now is the perfect time to catch up and rewatch your favorite vloggers. Yesterday I rewatched all of Zoe's 2015 vlogmas and some of my own!

I used to always use 8tracks to listen to Christmas music but it recently stopped working here in England. So yesterday I made a new spotify playlist that you can find here or just search Naomi Kenya! Just incase you feel a random urge to listen to all the best Christmas songs ever. If you have any recommendations for songs I should add to it then comment them down below!  

Do you enjoy Christmas all year round or just in December?

P.S. please know I’m watching The Santa Claus while writing this! 

- Naomi 

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