Current Favorite Yankee Candles

We all know my love for candles doesn't just exist in the winter, no matter the weather I love having a candle on in my room! I recently went to Love Aroma and smelt every single candle in the store. At some point they all just startled to smell the same but thankfully I came out with some ones I love!

If you have been a long time subscriber or reader of my blog then you might remember how often I have mentioned Yankee Candle's Fireside Treats candle, aka my favorite scent of all time. I love wintery, musky scents like Moroccan Argan Oil, Egyptian Musk, and Fireside Treats. Since it is summer I thought I would be oh so daring and pick up some sweet, fruity smells that are a bit more seasonal appropriate. I always prefer buying the votives vs the jars because I feel like I get a lot more product that way and I can try out a lot more scents! 

What is your favorite Yankee Candle scent? 
- Naomi 


  1. Love this! Candles make me happy! :)


  2. I have red raspberry and I love it, such a gorgeous scent! x

    Gemma Louise


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