Chai & Chill ☕️ // Autumn Playlist

"The autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place And I can picture it after all these days"

Every new season calls for a new genre of music, or at least it does for me. The perfect autumn playlist can leave you feeling all warm and festive, like a cosy blanket for your ears. I created the perfect playlist that I can imagine myself listening to while I'm getting ready for the day, reading a book, working on my blog, having a spa night, or just relaxing in my room with a candle on. My new Spotify playlist is called Chai & Chill ☕️ and I''ll constantly be adding new songs to it, so make sure to follow me!

 - Naomi 


  1. Chai tea is my favorite! I'll have to check out your playlist sometime

    1. My blog is www.greenteenmi.weebly.com. I love when people comment on stuff!!


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